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The McLean Mews Homeowners’ Association, Inc. is a group of property owners who have pooled our resources to maintain commonly owned assets. Incorporated under the laws of Virginia, the Association is governed by a Declaration of Covenants, bylaws, rules and regulations, and various local, state and federal laws that establish the duties of the Association and each of its Members. The Association protects the aesthetics of the environment and contracts for such municipal-like services as trash collection, snow removal, street and sidewalk maintenance and lighting.




The Association is a community of homeowners who care about and willingly contribute to the quality of life in McLean Mews. We share our knowledge, time, and talents to strengthen the sense of neighborliness and to maintain the appearance and the property values of the Mews for the long term.




The Board of Directors is elected by the Members of the Association. It is responsible for maintaining the physical and financial assets of the community and enforcing the legal documents that establish and govern the Association. The Board's specific responsibilities include:


  • Upholding and enforcing the Declaration of Covenants, bylaws, and rules and regulations of the Association, as well as all applicable laws and statutes

  • Making day-to-day decisions for the communitysoliciting feedback from the Members and reporting on its activities by conducting regular, open board meetings

  • Providing for the upkeep and surveillance of the common areas and amenitiesadopting and enforcing architectural guidelines and controls to ensure that individual lots are maintained and to preserve the curb appeal and resale value of all our homes

  • Establishing an annual operating budget and publishing it to the Members

  • Establishing the annual maintenance assessment, and obtaining homeowner approval for increases above a certain amount

  • Establishing reserves for the repair or replacement of capital assets located on common areas and roadways

  • Filing required federal and state tax returns

  • Obtaining and maintaining public liability insurance with respect to the common areas, and other insurance deemed necessary for the operation of the Association.

The following mission principles inform the policies, decisions and actions of the Board of Directors as we serve our community:

  • Preserve and enhance the property values of the 47 homeowners in the Mews

  • Look out for the safety and security of our more than 100 residents

  • Ensure continuity of services

  • Solve problems creatively and with a light touch

  • Act ethically, fairly and equitably in all that we do, so as to merit the trust being placed in us

  • Treat everyone with appropriate respect

  • Be fiscally responsible, keeping in mind whose money we are spending

  • Communicate clearly with owners and residents

  • Be a good steward over the land, air and water for the operation of the Association

  • Comply with all laws and regulations. Be a good corporate neighbor and citizen. Avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest.




Every McLean Mews homeowner is a Member of the Association. As a Member, your responsibilities include:


  • Maintaining your property in conformance with its condition when new, so as to maintain the overall appearance of McLean Mews and the value of all our homes

  • Submitting a proposal to the Environmental Control Committee whenever you wish to make a change to the exterior of your Property, and waiting for written approval before proceeding

  • Exercising your right to vote, in person or by proxy, at annual meetings and specially convened Association meetings

  • Paying your annual assessment and other charges in a timely manner

  • Providing feedback to the Board on how to make McLean Mews an even better communitybeing willing to serve on special committees or other volunteer efforts to improve our community

Click here for further information about our Due Process procedure for handling alleged violations of the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act, our Association documents, and our rules and regulations.

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