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Guidelines for Renters in McLean Mews


(Updated July 2014)



Welcome to McLean Mews. We know you will like it here. You are part of a caring community where neighbors help out neighbors and where you will find many friends.


In the absence of the homeowner, you are the custodian of the owner's property, including both the house and the surrounding grounds. Since the townhouse that you are renting is part of a Homeowners' Association, there are certain rules which we all follow and which you, too, must observe. These are spelled out in the Declaration of Covenants and several key Board Resolutions, all of which have been furnished to the owner. The owner, in turn, should have given you copies. If you do not have copies of these documents, please ask your landlord or agent for them.


Your lease is the governing legal document that spells out your responsibilities to the landlord. For your reference, the following is a brief summary of your major responsibilities to the Mews community:

1. Maintain all plantings, including watering, weeding and trimming of your front yard, side yard, and back yard.


2. Remove ivy growing on brick walls. If allowed to proliferate, ivy can eventually destroy a wall.


3. Keep all plantings clear of sidewalks and roadways to a height of 7 feet.


4. Maintain all electrical fixtures, including replacing bulbs when needed, especially in the outside garage door lights.

5. Make minor repairs. Promptly report major repair items to the owner or his agent for action.


6. Keep all trash in cans in your garage until ready for collection. Make sure each can has a lid that fits.


7. Maintain the exterior appearance of the townhouse. Do not change paint colors, add or remove plantings, add or remove structures, or rearrange the surface without permission. To make any such change, the owner must apply to our Environmental Control Committee for permission in advance.


8. Do not dry clothes outdoors.


9. Park only in designated parking areas or in your garage. Illegally parked cars may be towed at your expense.


10. Unless your lease says otherwise, you may keep up to two dogs. Keep all dogs on a leash and pick up all waste. Make sure your dogs' barking does not disturb your neighbors


11. Do not use your lot for any illegal or noxious purpose.


12. Mobile homes, trailers, campers, buses, boats and inoperable motor vehicles are not permitted in The Mews.


Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.


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