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Environmental Control

The ECC's principal responsibilities are:


  • To approve changes to unit exteriors when requested by individual homeowners

  • To set aesthetic and environmental guidelines for the community.


If you are thinking about making an improvement, you need to obtain the ECC's approval before commencing.


Download an ECC application form. You will need to notify your adjacent neighbors as indicated on the Application.

Please see the Improvements page of this web site for an overview of improvements and how the ECC process works.




This information is provided for your convenience and is not an official document. The controlling documents are the "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements for McLean Mews, Fairfax County, Virginia," and the Resolution of the Board of Directors #84-7. It is strongly suggested that you read these documents for your own protection.



To view our preapproved designs, review Storm Doors or Windows.

Homeowners with cedar roofs, this is for you:

After extensive research by the members of the ECC, architectural asphalt shingles have been shown to have superior durability and lower cost of ownership than cedar shakes. Accordingly, you will have the option of replacing your cedar roof with an asphalt roof subject to the following conditions:

1. That asphalt shingles be allowed, if of similar color and tone to the gray that the aged cedar represents. The Board has approved Colonial Slate, Charcoal Black, and Max Def Moire Black from the CertainTeed Landmark Color Palette to be acceptable colors;

2. That garages be included in any conversion from cedar to asphalt;

3. That the mansard portion of the roof optionally be maintained as cedar, and replaced with cedar as its independent lifespan requires; likewise for the roofs over dormer windows;

4. That any such replacement be allowed only in tandem with the adjacent home; and that a joint application for improvement be approved in advance by the ECC.

As long as all of these conditions are met, replacement will be considered a pre-approved design.

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