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Helpful Reminders

Please secure your trash against wind and crows


To avoid a costly repair, turn off the water to outside hose bibs when temperatures drop below freezing


Whenever you leave town, it's a good idea to turn off all the water in your house


Get rid of standing water to help stamp out West Nile virus


We discourage bird feeders because spilled seeds can attract vermin






Want to find out how much a home in Fairfax County sold for? Here's how! ...

... Simply click on

and enter the property address. If you want information for all the homes on a street, just omit the house number from the property address.


Want to keep your brass house number plate shining for years? Here’s how! ...

... Remove the four screws that hold the plate to the brick. Polish with Noxon or Brasso. Finally, spray on two or three thin coats of varnish and reattach the plate.

... OR, remove your plate and bring both plate and screws to Lamps Unlimited in McLean for a professional shine that will knock your socks off.


Want to improve your property? Here’s how! ...

... Click on the Improvements page and follow the step-by-step instructions.


Want to obtain a current McLean Mews Residents Directory? Here’s how! ...

... E-mail your request to Phil Freedenberg at The directory includes phone numbers, e-mail addresses and more.


Want to volunteer to serve your community? Here’s how! ...

... E-mail Phil Freedenberg at . There’s plenty to do and all are welcome.


Want to avoid a costly repair bill? Here’s how! ...

... Shut off the water to your outside hose bibs before the cold weather sets in.


Want to replace your mailbox?

... Our mailboxes are provided and maintained by your HOA. Please do not paint or replace yours. Notify any HOA Officer if you require maintenance.


Want to share a hot tip? Here’s how! ...

... Send it to Phil at and see your name on a genuine web site!

Here's How!!

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